Monday, June 27, 2011

My Dream Job...

is teaching art! See what we're up to at the Bakersfield Museum of Art right HERE! I guess I can officially say that I am..."living the dream!"

Oil Pastel Drawing by fellow art instructor and all around classy lady, Ms. Laura! LOLZ! :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy 1st Anniversary of your 2nd Birthday, Dad!

Aside from this being Father’s Day, which is already reason to celebrate, it is also the first year anniversary of my dad’s double lung transplant! A year ago today our lives were changed by a stranger who selflessly gave my dad the gift of life. We hope to one day meet the donor family in person to tell them just how thankful we are for this gift. It has been a really emotional couple of days, but we are so thankful for everyone in our life and for all of the wonderful people we have met along the way. Thank you for being there for us! And of course the perfect way to celebrate...a Donate Life cake and a single balloon (yup that’s right...we made my dad blow up his own balloon)!

Please sign up to become an organ donor!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

BBJJ Baby Quilt!

Starting them young! We LOVE MMA and BBJJ!!!

Rockin' Rocks!

Little rocks photographed on a big rock for a dear friend who works my mom and I out everyday (seriously...she's our gym instructor and she’s going to throw these at us if we don’t step it up in class)!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


I did theatre when I was young (the Melodrama) with my cousin and we have so many great memories from those summer days. We also have videos of the shows we were in (we laugh so hard we cry every time we watch them). Anyway, I been out of theatre for a long time, but one night my mom suggested we see “Helen Keller” at The Empty Space...we were blown away! Ever since that show, we have been returning to The Empty Space and other local theatres around town. So much hard work and dedication are poured into each show and, for that reason, I could never throw away a program from a show that my mom and I saw. I had huge dreams of making something wonderful, but I could never bring myself to cut up a program. So, I think the best thing I could do would be to return them where they came from. The Empty Space is going to get my collection and I think they are planning to scan them into a database, so they can archive their shows. What a great idea!!! We have been supporting local theatre for years now, but I still can’t really put my feelings into words. I just wish more people would recognize how many creative and talented people we have in our city and go support them. Many express that the reason they do theatre (despite the politics, late nights, exhaustion, sacrifice, etc.) is because they have to. This is what people should be doing...what they love! We support the theatre because...we have to.