Sunday, February 24, 2013

We Made It!

Remember this post????  Well, a year later and we finally made it to Lette and we're in love.  These little treats are super expensive, but super swoon worthy.  The coolest part about getting these little guys was that to get here my mom and her friend ran the Pasadena 5k with me this year.  Thank goodness it was only a 5k... I just don't have it in me to run those crazy long distances like I did before.  The LA Marathon is coming up and then after that I'm retiring, haha.  I think I will focus on making glorious signs to cheer all my running mates on instead.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love is...

It took me a couple months to finish my first EVER crocheted blanket.  This will have a special home in the new love of our life, Gypsea Hemingway!  We took this picture on V-Day today.  I could have waited forever to capture a shot like this, but it just happened.  In fact, lots of things are just happening and we're ready to go with the flow.  Can't wait to get back to our traveling and sailing roots just like my dad taught us.  He would always say he could fit all his possessions into his van.  Now it's our turn to try. :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lip and Mustache Patterns

Here is our first ever template!!!  Use this for the lip and mustache projects.  Hope you enjoy!

We got a Scribd account, so we could publish our patterns and share them.  We're new to all this, so if you have any tips please let us know.  If you have a Scribd account as well, find us!  We want to be your friend! :)

It's in the Bag

Lip and Mustache Bags
V-Day 2013 is almost "in the bag," but if you're in need of a last minute gift make these bags!  They're so simple and once you've gathered the material, they really only take about a minute to make.

scissors, canvas bags, Pellon (wonder-under), marking pen, card stock, felt (black and red), pearl beads, iron, needle and thread or glue of your choice.


1. Draw a lip, mustache, and tie shape on the card stock and cut them out to create a pattern of each.

2. Iron Pellon to the black and red felt.  Trace and cut out the lips, mustache, and tie.

3.  Arrange the felt on your canvas bags accordingly and iron in place.  Hand sew or glue the pearl beads in place.  Use these reusable bags to shop for a V-Day treat to give to your loved one. 


*Make your own canvas bags (we did and so can you!) by simply taking canvas fabric in the shape of a rectangle and folding it.  Sew up the side and down the bottom, square off the corners, fold over an inch at the top, and sew a clean line.  Add strap and you’re done!  

Monday, February 11, 2013

So Dreamy

Lip and Mustache Puff Pillows

How can you not have sweet dreams with these cute little pillows?

scissors, pinking shears, Pellon (wonder-under), Poly stuffing, marking pen, card stock, felt (black, red, and natural), ribbon, cording (to hang the hearts), iron, and sewing machine 


1. Draw a lip and mustache shape on the card stock and cut them out to create a pattern of each. 

2. Iron Pellon to the black and red felt.  

3. Trace the lip and mustache patterns on the red and black felt respectively.

4. Create a heart pattern by using the same method as step 1 and cut out two heart shapes from the natural felt.
* We ran out of natural felt, so we had to use some scraps and put them together for this example.

5. Cut out the hearts with pinking shears

6. Sew around the heart a bit in from the edge and leave a small opening to allow for the stuffing.
*Add the cording to the top of the heart before sewing, so it will become inclosed in the heart (we forgot to show this step... sorry!).

7. Iron on the lips and the mustache to one of the hearts.
 *We ran out of natural felt, so we just made a tiny version of this step. 

8.Stuff the hearts with Poly fill and sew up the hole that was just used to stuff the hearts.  Add ribbon and hang on someone you love's door.  
*Add some lavender for a soothing scent.  Happy Dreaming!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

First Comes Love...

next comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage!  Remember this post awhile back?  Whelp, like the above saying predicted.... the baby is HERE!  Before this little bundle of joy was born, I got a call from the proud momma-to-be who wanted to learn how to crochet a baby blanket.  Sure, no big deal.  I was pretty confident I could teach her how to crochet a little cozy cover and maybe we could even use two colors if we wanted to get crazy.  She had something totally different in mind... MATH!!!  She wanted to make a Fibonacci blanket!  But not just any regular Fibonacci pattern.  She decided we needed to double everything!  :)  I loved it though because I knew my dad would get a kick out of it.  He loves math and I love math because he does, so I put on my "thinking cap" and we got to work.  I decided to make a scarf to show her how to switch colors, etc. while she tackled the blanket.  I remember telling her I wasn't going to leave until she switched colors, so I knew she could do it on her own.  Well, before her baby shower I noticed I still had the unfinished scarf.  I decided to finish it and loved the final product.  I wanted to keep it because it was the first one I made, but I knew it had to go to her.  So, along with some necessary baby goodies, she also got a Fibonacci scarf.  This picture doesn't show all the details of the beginning rows, but you get the idea.  Excited to make another one!

This Moose Belongs to...

Oliver Jeffers, but he shares it with everyone in this tutorial"This Moose Belongs to Me" was one of our Christmas presents this year and if you know us, you know we love all of Oliver's books.  They are beautifully illustrated and tell charming stories.  Our first ever iPad book app was "Heart and the Bottle," which is brilliant and touching.  He has a handful of wonderful YouTube videos and we just so happened to stumble upon his "How to Draw a Moose" video and I knew I had to try to create this Moose.  I went to three different thrift stores over a period of two weeks in search of the perfect frame and landscape.  It took a ton of patience, but here is the final result.  Thanks to Oliver, we love Moose, Miece, Mice, Mooses.

Sweet Treats for Your Sweet

Candy Lip and Mustache Jars

When I walked into our craft room the other day I discovered that my mom had made all these super cute lip and mustache themed goodies.  I just feel in love with their cuteness and think you might as well.  She's sharing all her secrets, so you can create these fun gifts to give to others.  Here is the first of three projects.  Hope you enjoy this one and the others.  We are also going to try to upload a template with all the patterns.  


scissors, wrapped candy, mason jar with lid and band, marking pen, Pellon (wonder-under), felt (black, read, natural), card stock, iron, and sewing machine


1. Draw a lip and mustache shape on the card stock and cut them out to create a pattern of each.  

2. Iron Pellon to the black and red felt.  

3. Trace the lip and mustache patterns on the red and black felt respectively.

4. Cut the shapes out and iron them onto the natural felt.


5. Place the mason jar lid on the natural felt that has been backed with card stock for extra support and trace around the lid to frame the shapes.

6. Machine stitch around the circle and trim the excess.

 7. Glue the card stock to the mason jar lid to secure.

8. Add candy to the jar, seal the lid, and give these sweet treats to your sweet.