Friday, December 11, 2009

The Passé Pickle!

It seems as though every year there is a new trend for the tree...the Christmas tree that is. Two cute little flairs that are coming to mind are the Bah HumBUG and the Christmas Pickle. My mom just had to have a Christmas Pickle a few years ago and I couldn’t find anyone anywhere, so I sewed her one and had to stuff it with tissues! Crazy...I know!!! I actually bought her one later, but we still have the first little guy I made. He truly embodies the motto, “It’s the thought that counts.” However, I have been recently enlightened from my relatives when they came over for Thanksgiving that the new flair this year is the Christmas Spider! Again, crazy...I know! But, like with the other Christmas trends of the past, an explanation accompanies the flair which justifies its addition to the Christmas tree. Now you can be armed and ready for those who may be critical of a humbug, pickle, or spider in a Christmas tree.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Behind the Scenes!

We are products of our environment and some environments can’t help but beckon creativity. Case in Aunt and Uncle’s ranch/art oasis! Who would not love to do a little lampwork and create their own original beads in this welcoming space? The pictures of the materials are even works of art. I have not yet completely mastered this art and my beads tend to resemble blobs, but I love that they are perfectly imperfect. Thank goodness I am into the organic look!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

“Baby It’s Cold Outside!”

Well...not quite yet, but I am still hopeful that one of these days a little winter weather will come our way. And when it does...we will be prepared! Nothing pulls together an outfit better than a scarf. But, when that scarf is handmade you will be too “cool." Of course, you can do the ever popular knitted scarf, but if you are not a knitter do not fret and try your hand at fleece. The concept is the same as creating a fleece blanket. This has been done and done again, but it’s too awesomely easy not to mention again. Just take a rectangle of your desired size and snip up the edges. Then, tie knots on all the ends. Voilà! You have just created a five minutes scarf!

Merry Everything and stay warm this season...if it ever actually gets cold! :)

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Over the years we have collected “but a ton” of buttons and we had yet to find the perfect project for these little guys up until now! We have decided to put this colorful mix together for the Empty Space’s upcoming gallery “Gift Art.” Everything was due yesterday and, once again, we were frantically hot glueing these bad boys onto recycled wooden frames and taking pictures of the cast during their rehearsal of “Hurry Up Santa!” We will be showing the frames, hair accessories, buttons, and ornaments. The Empty Space profits from all sales and the artists make a little commission too, so please come out and support the arts! There will be an artist reception December 12th I believe! If you would like more details please e-mail us!