Friday, July 26, 2013

Picking Daisies

It’s hard to believe that it has been a week since we were in SLO visiting Picking Daisies.  They have the best selection of modern quilt fabric and are known for their cotton napkins, which can be shipped if you’re interested.  We’ve been to the store before, but last weekend we visited to actually take a napkin making class and learn how to sew mitered corners!  What a fun day!  Included in this full day of sewing and instruction were all the extra tools needed to complete a set of 4 dinner napkins, 2 cocktail napkins, and 2 practice squares. The class materials included the coolest fabric marking pen EVER that disappears when ironed, fabric that can be preselected from the store and is prepped and ready to sew, coordinating thread, a point turner, a napkin ironing template, instructions, and a 20% off fabric coupon.  All you need is a sewing machine.  
As my mom sewed away, I unfortunately had to go write a paper at a local coffee shop.
  When I returned I got to see her awesome napkin results.  I think she’s on a napkin making roll because we left with a pile of neatly folded fabric and a handmade wooden napkin crate.  Can't wait until the next time we get to visit this fun shop.        


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Christmas in July

Merry Christmas… in July!  We just love Raiza Costa, so when she opened an online store we were super excited to try her baking kits.  She freely shares her recipes and tips on YouTube and we have already made some of her delicious treats, but we definitely wanted to support her and love her first kit that was sent out… the Heart Patterned Cake Roll.  She packed her Dulce Delight box full of goodies that were all individually separated and labeled.  The white chocolate endured some trauma during the shipping process due to the heat, but it tasted just as delicious as would be expected.  We watched her tutorial to get some visual tips and then went for it.  We were a little nervous to just flip the cake over from the pan to powered sugar dusted parchment paper, but it was really no big deal.  We did "ooh" and "ahh" when we finally got a glimpse of the bunny design… very impressive and such a cool technique to learn.  We recently saw Spamalot at the PCPA Solvang outdoor theatre, so we figured a red bunny was a good choice. ;)