Monday, June 25, 2012

Baby Art!

Recently my mom and I helped my cousin make Father’s Day gifts for all the special men in her life.  Father’s Day is special in general, but it was extra special this year because my cousin has a new man in her life and that’s my sweet baby cousin.  This was his first Father’s Day experience and we of course had to wake him from his peaceful nap, so we could have him stomp all over plaster in order to help him make the ever popular footprint keepsake.  It turned out so cute!!!  Just grab some Plaster of Paris from the craft store and add some water as directed by the instructions on the box.  Pour them into molds.  We just used plates and sprayed them with a little nonstick cooking spray use to help release the final product, but it’s not necessary.  While the product is still wet, pour it into the mold and let it set up just a bit (be careful here because sometimes it can set quickly).  When the plaster dries up a little, gently press a hand or foot or any object into the plaster.  You can smooth out any rough spots with water and your finger or carefully rub some sandpaper over the finished dried product.  Wrap them up and you’re ready to gift away!  I predict more baby art projects in the future.  

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Second Anniversary!

Today is a special day because it's the second anniversary of my dad's double lung transplant.  Last year we made him blow up a balloon to celebrate one year, but this year we gave him a break.  He has been through a lot these past few months and most of our time has been spent in the hospital.  Last year we had a difficult time with his one year anniversary and this year was no different.  It’s easy to get overwhelmed with different emotions, but I think one emotion we can all agree on is gratitude.  He has been through so much and we are so grateful to get to celebrate this day with him and to think of all the people that are in our lives.  Over the past five years, we have become friends with so many wonderful people that we would have never met and we are truly thankful for all of them.  That’s why we’ve been making so many scarves… they are being distributed to all the doctors, nurses, staff, and team who have helped care for my dad and us over the past few months.  My dad wouldn’t be moving forward with his rehab if it wasn’t for all the amazing people we have been surrounded by in the hospital for the last few months.  I know I have said this many times, but this whole journey has made us really appreciate the small things… like watching my dad take a sip of an ice cold Pepsi that he has been waiting to enjoy for over three months.  Since we went easy on him this year, next year he owes us.  So, maybe I’ll have him cross the finish line at one of my races.  We'll see.  Anyway, today, along with his ice cold Pepsi, I was also able to deliver 2 great pieces of news…  Donate Life agreed to sponsor 30 technical Donate Life running shirts for next year’s LA Marathon, so we will be able to run, raise awareness, and collect donations in support of inspiring the community to register to become organ, eye, and tissue donors.  Also, one of my dad’s nurses won the KONAinspired contest and she will be competing this October!!!  Although it was a simple celebration, it was perfect.  Today was a good day!  Here’s to many more anniversaries, dad… we love you!    

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Scarves Round 5

I think our scarf count it up to 47 scarves in three months!!!  I did time myself and I can make one in about 3 hours, but that's going super fast with no breaks.  Usually I start it one day and finish it the next.  A couple people have been asking me why I'm making so many and where are they all going.  Stay tuned and the answer will be revealed on June 19th.  In the meantime here are some more finished products.  

School Craft: Symmetrical Butterflies

School is over and it’s officially summer!!!  And by summer I mean still working in the classroom just without students and not traveling around without a care.  I always laugh (in my head) when people say that teachers are so lucky because they have summers off.  Maybe I’m doing it wrong then because in all my five years of teaching, I have never had a summer off... figuratively.  The first few weeks are usually spent moving classes or even schools and then that leads to re-organizing EVERYTHING.  Even if I am lucky enough to get to the beach for one weekend during the summer my mind is still racing and thinking about teaching ideas.  So, maybe I’m actually doing it right.  Anyway, here’s one of our projects for Open House.  It’s so simple.  You just take a piece of paper (we used construction) and blob three different color of paint on one side.  Then, fold the paper in half and smear the paint around.  If it gets all over your hands and on the desk then you’re doing it right.  :)  Unfold it and you have a symmetrical butterfly.  Add a few extra embellishments to make it come alive and you’re done.  I’ll try to gather up some of my past Open House pictures to post on here.  Beware... my rooms have gotten pretty elaborate in the past.