Sunday, May 26, 2013

Gypsea Journeys!

We have super duper exciting news!!!  We no longer have to craft just at home anymore.  Thanks to our house on wheels, we can craft anywhere.  Hints have been dropped here and here regarding the newest member of our family and it's official... our new love is in our driveway right now waiting to take us on tons of adventures.  

Join us on our travels at Gypsea Journeys!  

As always... thank you to Linna for the awesome banners!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Grad School

It's no surprise that we have been neglecting our sweet little blog here for awhile, but other things have been demanding our attention.  One of these things is graduate school.  I've been blabbing on here about online schooling for the last two years, but guess what?  Those two years were just prerequisite classes!!!  If I was a mess then, these next three years should be chaos.  I have met some really great people through this program and got to send one of them a little gift for becoming a new momma.  It seems so far away, but the thought of getting to meet everyone at graduation is pretty motivating to keep going.  It's hard not to get bogged down, but I need to be better about not abandoning the arts and crafts I love so much.

Craft Swap Extra

During last month's Spring Craft Swap, we saw such a fun crocheted necklace.  I had to immediately reach out to this crafter and ask if she would be willing,  please oh please, to swap with me even though we weren't matched up.  She agreed and sent this beautiful necklace, yarn samples, and the sweetest note.  We even had a nice chat on the phone.