Monday, March 31, 2014

Wonder of the World

“Wonder of the World," written by David Lindsay-Abaire, is happening at The Empty Space for the next couple of weekends… go see it!!!  This play is filled with lots of laughs and the director, cast, and crew are amazing!!!  I get to help move sets around and help with costume changes this time around… so much fun!  I find myself picking favorite lines during the scenes, while I wait for my cues.  Each time I listen to the show, the list of favorites goes on and on… there are too many good ones!  The gem below inspired me to attempt a macramé purse as a prop for the show and thankfully it turned out to be useable.  As usual, I deviated from the tutorial I “followed” and the single crochet stitches that were required were almost too much for me to finish.  It was meant to be though because it miraculously got done on time.  As much as I would like to keep it (I would actually use it), I think it needs to stay with the actress who plays Lois.  As always, thanks to The Empty Space for letting me be involved in another great show.  It's awesome to see everyone come together and the continued success of The Empty Space.       

LOIS. … It’s good to have projects.

CASS. Yes it is.  I make mosaic tabletops.

LOIS. Crafty.  I do macramé.  Take a look at this.  (Lois pulls a macramé purse out of her barrel.  The words “I Love Bingo” have been stitched into it.)  I made it myself.

CASS. It’s adorable.

LOIS. Thank you.

CASS.  You think you could teach me macramé?

LOIS.  Sure.  It’s real easy once you --- (Suddenly realizes.)  No, I can’t teach you macramé!  I’m here to kill myself!  What’s the matter with you?

CASS.  Sorry, just looking for things to do.

LOIS.  I’m making myself a drink.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Pat's Day!

I love to crochet and I love making crocheted things to give to others, but lately I have been asked if I could teach people how to crochet.  Aye!!!  I honestly don’t really know how to myself.  I taught myself years ago from a book and my first scarf was not to scale and ended up being a fat rectangle that went to the cat.  I put it away for a while, but rediscovered it when my dad was in the hospital.  I started crocheting scarves for the wonderful people we met at UCLA and after making more than 100 scarves (here are a few), I became addicted and have tried to branch out from scarves.  I still have one scarf left that I need to finish for a nurse, but I haven’t been able to complete that one just yet… one day.  Even with all that practice I still don’t know how to make things to scale and I probably never will.  I probably won’t be able to read a pattern either or crochet a scarf the "right" way.  Thankfully, my friend Lisa is a crocheting and knitting master and a way better teacher.  She started a Stich ‘n’ Bitch group and our first meeting was a blast!  We decided to meet the following week at a local coffee shop.  To our surprise, a group of musicians were also meeting and we got to enjoy some wonderful music and a little Baileys.  I had some leftover green yarn and was able to make fourteen of these shamrocks to share before we headed out.  The best part was that they all found a home with the musicians and their supporters who were also enjoying their music.  CHEERS!!!… to such an unexpected, but fun evening!

Saturday, March 1, 2014


What does HCSD stand for you ask?  It's short for Happy Chocolate Souffle Day, which is celebrated on the 28th of February.  I stumbled upon a reminder from a friend about this important day and turned to our favorite baker, Dulce Delight.  We decided to open up the V-Day kit we got from her and, even though it was a rainy day, got to baking.  Surprisingly, souffles are not difficult to make at all and I think we just may be celebrating them more often. :)