Saturday, December 29, 2012

Scarves Round 6

Here are some more...

Puffy Pillows!

This year for Christmas we got, gave, made, and sold pillows!  

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The First Day

Did you know that the Twelve Days of Christmas actually starts after Christmas???  So, let's keep the celebration going by counting down our 12 Days of Giftsmas.  First up is a package we sent out to a dear crafter, Chacoy.  Check out her fun blog Living in La La Land.  La La Land is one of our favorite places to go these days.  Anyway, we found her blog after participating in a craft swap and fell in love with her beautiful bobbies and journals.  We asked if she would swap with us and she said YES!!!  We love making new crafty friends and swapping art, so if you see something you like and want to trade just let us know.  We hope she loves the package we sent just as much as we loved hers. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012


A friend of mine once said, “Life is as tragic as you make it.”  Lately it has seemed pretty tragic to us, but we’re trying to keep a positive outlook and more forward.  We have been experiencing new things, going on adventures, crafting like crazy, and making new/remembering old memories.  Throughout all this, art has definitely remained one of our therapies.  My mom was given a challenge at one of her quilt meetings where she was given a card as inspiration.  She was then asked to create something quilted based on her card.  We decided to collaborate on this project.  The finished piece was displayed as part of the Beatitudes series at the Sacred Space.  Tomorrow we get to pick it up, so we can display it in our home as a reminder of what our ultimate future holds.  Pretty promising and not at all tragic if you ask us.