Sunday, December 6, 2009

“Baby It’s Cold Outside!”

Well...not quite yet, but I am still hopeful that one of these days a little winter weather will come our way. And when it does...we will be prepared! Nothing pulls together an outfit better than a scarf. But, when that scarf is handmade you will be too “cool." Of course, you can do the ever popular knitted scarf, but if you are not a knitter do not fret and try your hand at fleece. The concept is the same as creating a fleece blanket. This has been done and done again, but it’s too awesomely easy not to mention again. Just take a rectangle of your desired size and snip up the edges. Then, tie knots on all the ends. Voilà! You have just created a five minutes scarf!

Merry Everything and stay warm this season...if it ever actually gets cold! :)


  1. Weather is here... Rain today.....

  2. It was freezing today!!! I just finished another scarf yesterday...perfect timing! I hope you are staying warm. Drink lots of AJ's Hot Chocolate! Yummm...that just sounds delicious!!!