Sunday, February 21, 2010

OMG!!!...It’s “Quilted Photography!”

Tammie Bowser blew us away the other night when we were at a Cotton Patch Quilt Guild meeting! She is amazing and super talented! She creates beautiful quilted works of art for which she has won numerous awards! I never really thought I was all that fond of quilted photography, but something clicked that night and I am hooked! Her method is totally my style and I love that she did this all on her own. My mom and I got to meet her and although I tried to stay composed, I totally fell apart and asked her (and even her daughter) to autograph everything we got! So, our goal for the next few days is to get started on one of these quilted photography projects. I’m really excited to see how/if it turns out! One of the keys is to be extremely organized. This could pose a huge problem for me. I’ve become a big fan of piles, but this requires some sorting. Wish us luck!

Here’s her link and be sure to check out the others listed below on that page!!!

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