Monday, July 5, 2010

This should be relaxing…

Famous last words! Learning how to crochet made me a bit tense, but I pushed through the urge to quit and now I own the Granny Square…what about that!?! Having a patient teacher also helps, as does holding the yarn the correct way. You need just the right amount of tension and I don’t mean the stressful kind. Along the way, directions were written down so take a peak. Once you get the basic patterns it’s really a breeze, so keep at it! Check out videos online or have someone show you like I did. If you are interested in learning or have a question about the directions email me and I’ll help you as best I can to pay it forward! I don’t have any pictures yet, but I’ll get some up here in about 6 years…I’m working on a blanket! :)

Crocheted Granny Square


Chain 5
Make a circle by slipstitching into he first chain

First Shell:
Chain 3 (to make first 1/3 of shell)
Double crochet into the hole (center of circle)
Double crochet again

Chain 3 (to make corner)
Double crochet 3 times = Shell

Chain 3
Double crochet 3 = Shell
Chain 3

End Round:
Join with slip stitch in top of first shell
Slip stitch in top of shell twice to get to corner
Slip stitch in corner hole


First Shell:
Chain 3
Double crochet twice

Chain 3 for corner
Shell (3 double crochet) in same hole
Chain 1

In Same Hole (Corner Shells):
Chain 3

Chain 1
Corner Shells
Chain 1
End round (go back to end round directions)

*As your piece gets larger, so will the number of shells that are in between the corner shells.

*Use scraps of yarn when you are first creating the piece and increase to full skeins as it grows.
*When you switch colors, start back on the next corner over.

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