Monday, March 11, 2013


I've been obsessed lately with crocheting cases, sleeves, and holders (whatever you want to call them) for our electronics and the word PROTECTION.  Anyway, I found this tutorial to help with the basic pattern, but I didn't follow it perfectly.  I messed up on the laptop sleeve and it's uneven where the stitches join, but it doesn't bother me... that much. :)  I added a fun little flower with the help of this video (it's a series, so you have to watch a couple to complete the whole flower).  These videos are actually good ones to watch because the lady is so fun.

I just crocheted the iPad bag like I would a headband, just bigger.  When I had a tube, I left spaces for the handles.  I then turned it inside out and sewed up the bottom.  Super easy to make.  Use two yarns together to make it chunky.

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