Thursday, March 13, 2014

Pat's Day!

I love to crochet and I love making crocheted things to give to others, but lately I have been asked if I could teach people how to crochet.  Aye!!!  I honestly don’t really know how to myself.  I taught myself years ago from a book and my first scarf was not to scale and ended up being a fat rectangle that went to the cat.  I put it away for a while, but rediscovered it when my dad was in the hospital.  I started crocheting scarves for the wonderful people we met at UCLA and after making more than 100 scarves (here are a few), I became addicted and have tried to branch out from scarves.  I still have one scarf left that I need to finish for a nurse, but I haven’t been able to complete that one just yet… one day.  Even with all that practice I still don’t know how to make things to scale and I probably never will.  I probably won’t be able to read a pattern either or crochet a scarf the "right" way.  Thankfully, my friend Lisa is a crocheting and knitting master and a way better teacher.  She started a Stich ‘n’ Bitch group and our first meeting was a blast!  We decided to meet the following week at a local coffee shop.  To our surprise, a group of musicians were also meeting and we got to enjoy some wonderful music and a little Baileys.  I had some leftover green yarn and was able to make fourteen of these shamrocks to share before we headed out.  The best part was that they all found a home with the musicians and their supporters who were also enjoying their music.  CHEERS!!!… to such an unexpected, but fun evening!

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