Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hoppy Easter!

“Hoppy” Easter… clever because this is a post about Easter and bunnies, right?  Actually, this is a post about “hoppy” beer because these little bunnies required some responsible drinking to complete them.  This was not quite the “easy crochet bunny,” but it was worth the effort because they did turn out pretty cute.  I tried so hard to follow the pattern, but by the time I got to ears it was a free for all.  I couldn’t do them right and each one is different, but whatever… adds character.  I only had the patience to make one bow.  There were just too many little parts that had to be connected and stitched together.  I really had to pay attention for this project, haha.  I only intended to make three, but there will be four because I just found another muzzle I had made.  We kept the first one and then the others went to my grandma, aunt, and friend.  I’m saving the pattern, but I think I may be done with this one at least for a while.  Happy Easter and happy crocheting!  
*Suggestion:  Add an oval cardboard piece to the bottom before it’s stuffed to help it sit up.  The first one I made didn’t have this support, so it has to lean on something.  

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