Monday, September 27, 2010

Thumbs Up...

for this cool project idea from Art Sherwyn! Thumbs down for the crack,..dislike. Anyway, this hand was made in the same way that masks are made. Plaster strips were cut and then placed on my hand. The original idea was that my hand was in the shape of a spider, but the end result is far from the starting idea as you can see. This hand was made in a summer class taught by Art, and there was a really cool extension activity that took place. After each person completed their hand it was put on a table and the only rule was that it had to touch another hand on the table. At the end, there was a huge group sculpture filled with symbolism. Another idea...put the hand on its side and use it as a business card holder! Or use it to give high fives or hand shakes! OR...make a peace sign!

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