Thursday, November 18, 2010

Art for Healing

I took an Art Therapy class a few months ago with a friend and I loved it! I use art as therapy all the time and I believe that it helps cure many of my aliments. Check out your local hospital for classes! Here is an example of a program. I took a painting class, but I had a little trouble with being “free.” My diagnosis...I’m tense. Sounds about right, but I’m definitely going to try to be a little less uptight for future classes. I’m a planner when it comes to art (art vs. design), so it’s pretty challenging for me to just pick up a brush and go. My painting has a little too many identifiable characteristics, so I tried to compensate by splattering on some color. I also tried to paint outside the lines, which about killed me. So, in conclusion, I kept analyzing my piece and became stressed out about the outcome, which pretty much defeated the whole purpose. :) Next time I take the class, I will try to turn my brain off and “just do it!”

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