Monday, November 29, 2010

Until Next Year!

Here are some pictures of our projects that were on display at The Christmas Finding House! Such a fun time as always! Thanks for having us, Pat!

P.S. Make the rolo candies! They are so easy, yet so good! Just turn the oven on, lay out the pretzels, and place a rolo on top. When the candy softens take it out of the oven and place a walnut or almond on top and press down. Stick them into the fridge to harden and after a few minutes they are ready to package...or eat. Try different toppings to mix it up. These can also be made in the microwave!


  1. Are you selling items anywhere else?

  2. Hi Nicole! We have some things at AJ's Bagel House and at The Empty Space for their gallery this month! You can also email us if you see something on here you like or if you want us to make anything in particular. Thanks for writing! We appreciate it!

  3. I stopped by the Empty Space and grabbed a few things but I was sad to see the little owl that I wanted was not there. It's the little one on the right in your picture above. Do you happen to have that one because I would really love to buy it. Also, I loved the felt coasters you made and was wondering if you made any for other seasons? Thanks!

  4. Thank you so much for stopping by the Empty Space! I do still have the owl! We only took a few things down to the theatre, but I will definitely save that little guy for you. He is really cute! Also, we would love to make some coasters for you. If you have any particular season or design that you would like let us know. Here is our contact information:
    Talk soon!