Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tempe or Bust!

It’s bittersweet that a good friend is moving to Arizona, but I love Arizona!!! Anyway, there was a going away celebration in his honor and the party favors were also the center pieces...sweet potted flowers. What a great idea! I’ve seen this before, but I had forgotten how much I love this idea! The menus (I wish I had taken a picture of them) were also personalized for the occasion, which is another great idea and way to add to an event even more. As part of the going away gift, I gave a picture and his challenge is to find where in “lovely” Arizona this was taken. Good luck Joe!!!


  1. Thanks Lindsay! I will find this spot and make sure to get a picture with me in it to send to you. Take care and Best wishes!


  2. You are so welcome, Joe! Hope everything is going well! I'll go visit in January!!!