Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Fourth Day!

It may be apparent to some that we are not as punctual as we should be.  For example, I think we may have missed a deadline each countdown year.  Anyway, we hope that what me make and mail is worth the wait.  This next gift also illustrates our oblivion to time constraints and it just so happens to be going to one of our most patient recipients.  She has made us countless knitted and crocheted lovelies and has been waiting for a unique piece herself for over two years!  We have made her other items, but this one is particularly special because she didn't know the pattern.  This scarf has been to Oregon, Las Vegas, Pismo, LA, countless other place, and... the gym!  In fact, a dear gym friend taught us the pattern during our pre-workout lounge on the gym couch.  So who is now the lucky owner of this ONE OF A KIND :) ruffle scarf???... my grandma!!!  I hope to be as good of a knitter and crocheter as she is one day, but I don't think that's possible. :)  For New Years, I was able to exchange this scarf for a pair of new, super cozy, GREEN slippers that I LOVE!  <3 span="span">   


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