Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Ninth Day!

I'm trying to get into a Grad program and there are so many hoops to jump though... it's crazy!!!  When I went to CSUB, I just walked right in and out of a Grad program.  I learned so much through the Reading and Literacy program, but alas, budget cuts don't favor reading programs.  This was definitely a blessing in disguise because I'm now a Speech Pathologist and LOVE my job!!!  But... I'm not finished yet.  I still have to get through three more years of school and before that, get accepted into Grad school.  One of the steps for the application process is to take the GRE, which of course was out of town.  So we tried to make it as fun as possible and make it into a road trip!  One of our good friends (who by the way is a fantastic quilter) joined us and helped us find where to go.  We get lost easily.  I while I was testing they were watching a movie and eating.  They discovered this cute little pasty restaurant and they brought me back the most delicious beet soup EVER!!!  Since then, we've decided that we need to try to recreate our versions of their bites.  Therefore, our ninth gift to our friend and blog contest winner has a pasty theme.  Hopefully ours come out just as delicious and the ones we got in SLO.    

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