Saturday, June 22, 2013

Beer for the Boss

My first year of working as a Speech Pathologist came to a close about three weeks ago.  This year went by so quickly, but in that short amount of time I met some really wonderful people.  This new environment ended up to be the perfect fit.  I had two wonderful mentors (one is family now), supportive coworkers and supervisors, a beyond caring secretary, and a fantastic boss.  It was a long journey to get to this point and I still have a ways to go with regards to schooling to complete a Masters, but I am so thankful to finally be where I am.  And to celebrate, I gave beer.  But... not just any beer.  One of my sites was an hour commute, which is pretty far.  One weekend, I stopped at a bakery to enjoy lunch with my mom.  This restaurant's location happened to be about half way to the site I was working at.  While we waited for the order, I noticed a beer that came from the same area where I worked.  I had to grab it... my mom had to add a few hand sewn kitchen (or shall we call them "bar") towels... and this had to be the perfect gift to end the year.  I still have two in the fridge waiting to toast in the new year when August rolls around.  Cheers to rewarding careers!

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