Monday, June 25, 2012

Baby Art!

Recently my mom and I helped my cousin make Father’s Day gifts for all the special men in her life.  Father’s Day is special in general, but it was extra special this year because my cousin has a new man in her life and that’s my sweet baby cousin.  This was his first Father’s Day experience and we of course had to wake him from his peaceful nap, so we could have him stomp all over plaster in order to help him make the ever popular footprint keepsake.  It turned out so cute!!!  Just grab some Plaster of Paris from the craft store and add some water as directed by the instructions on the box.  Pour them into molds.  We just used plates and sprayed them with a little nonstick cooking spray use to help release the final product, but it’s not necessary.  While the product is still wet, pour it into the mold and let it set up just a bit (be careful here because sometimes it can set quickly).  When the plaster dries up a little, gently press a hand or foot or any object into the plaster.  You can smooth out any rough spots with water and your finger or carefully rub some sandpaper over the finished dried product.  Wrap them up and you’re ready to gift away!  I predict more baby art projects in the future.  

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