Thursday, June 14, 2012

School Craft: Symmetrical Butterflies

School is over and it’s officially summer!!!  And by summer I mean still working in the classroom just without students and not traveling around without a care.  I always laugh (in my head) when people say that teachers are so lucky because they have summers off.  Maybe I’m doing it wrong then because in all my five years of teaching, I have never had a summer off... figuratively.  The first few weeks are usually spent moving classes or even schools and then that leads to re-organizing EVERYTHING.  Even if I am lucky enough to get to the beach for one weekend during the summer my mind is still racing and thinking about teaching ideas.  So, maybe I’m actually doing it right.  Anyway, here’s one of our projects for Open House.  It’s so simple.  You just take a piece of paper (we used construction) and blob three different color of paint on one side.  Then, fold the paper in half and smear the paint around.  If it gets all over your hands and on the desk then you’re doing it right.  :)  Unfold it and you have a symmetrical butterfly.  Add a few extra embellishments to make it come alive and you’re done.  I’ll try to gather up some of my past Open House pictures to post on here.  Beware... my rooms have gotten pretty elaborate in the past.

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