Friday, July 6, 2012

Fun Fabric Fortune Cookies

Love Mollie Makes.  Love Whitney Sews.  Love Fabric Fortune Cookies!  Love how my coworker PUNCHES her fortune cookies and smashes them to pieces, so she can get to the fortune (I swear the first time I saw her do that, I laughed so hard I cried).  Love how my mom’s church birthday dinner group says “…between the sheets” after every fortune (don’t act shocked, it’s a tradition).  And last but not least… I love how you can use these premade circles as a short cut to making these super cute fabric fortune cookies.  This means you don’t have to trace the circles.  Also, if you do trace… just cut out a shape that is slightly larger than the circle and then put RST (right sides together) and then trace the circle.  Sew it and then use your pinking shears to cut.  This saves time tracing and matching up the circles because you can just do it all at once.  I hope that makes sense.  Anyway, these are so fun to make, but more fun to write cute little fortunes and give away.     


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