Monday, January 25, 2010

And to All Started with a Little Jamba!

Two little birdies informed me the other day at Jamba Juice that our blog couldn’t really be complete without mentioning food! Well, we kind of already have (AJ’s Bagel House and the current cupcake!) but just to be sure that we would get good blogging karma we wanted to get another food post in. Also, this will give you a little insight into how our minds work.

  1. Saw some friends at Jamba Jucie.
  2. Gave our blog a shout out.
  3. Was informed that we needed to incorporate way more posts about food.
  4. Ordered a Matcha Green Tea Mist.
  5. Jokingly said that I would post this smoothie.
  6. Thought that it might actually be kind of cool to post this smoothie if it could be connected to art in some way.
  7. Spilled some of the smoothie on a napkin because some of it was coming out of the top because it was too full (that always happens to me...maybe it’s a sign to look at the glass half’s so full it’s overflowing!!!).
  8. Admired the awesome green color instead of getting annoyed that it had spilled.
  9. Remembered when a friend of mine painted with colors derived from fruit and vegetable pigments (shout out to Three and his wife!!!).
  10. tea would make a pretty awesome dye!
  11. Went home.
  12. Constructed the Tinsel Tree (you can tell that this project has been in the process for awhile now)!!!
  13. Took some muslin and dyed it with green tea.
  14. Cut out three leaf shapes.
  15. Sewed them together.
  16. Thought of the two little birdies that started this all!!! :)
  17. Remembered the saying, “Everything comes full circle!”
  18. Spun around in some circles and then consulted Threadbanger!
  19. Saw this rad tutorial!
  20. Created a "circular" flower.
  21. Used up some extra fabric from a pillow I had made earlier for a friend in Estonia!
  22. Killed two little birdies with one stone! HAHA!!!
  23. Just kidding my little birdies (K-Sal and Captain)! Thanks for inspiring us you two!

P.S. That’s right! We stuffed the pillow with all the scraps from all the other projects we made in the previous posts! We use it ALL! :)

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