Tuesday, January 12, 2010

“Fresh like ughhh...sleves!”

“Usually once you get it started you can just rip it [the seams] apart.” HAHA!!! Not as easy for us. :) This project gave us plenty of laughs along the way due to the fact that we were constantly messing up. Aside from all the other problems we had, the best one was sewing the hood on crooked. Of course this was documented for your viewing pleasure. Also for your viewing pleasure is the tutorial! There are no words for how much Saint Olive hearts Ruffeo Hearts Lil Snotty! We love everything about them! They have some other videos on Threadbanger so go check them out! Right now “Little Doggies!” They exude creativity and style and are just plain fun to watch. I knew from the start that one of our projects would have to be something from these two. So without further ado...we present to you...the Space Helmet Hoodie! “A little bit with a twist!”

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