Thursday, January 7, 2010


Okay, check out this awesome lamp here! It is gorgeous and made out of paper! When I saw this video, I had to research this art further and found many other wonderful artists and designs. I wasn’t too confident with creating my own designs, so I got these amazing free downloads here! It’s actually not as easy as it may seem and takes a lot of patience and I think I had used up all of mine for the day, so I just went with the deer pattern. My mom, on the other hand, rocked at this new technique! She finished up the floral pattern I started, cut out all of the bell, and even created her own design! She is awesome! This craft made me realize again just how much I love art and creating! I was amazed at all the talented artists that specialize in this art and was in awe at what they were able to create with pretty much a blade and paper!

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