Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pretty Pillows!

Pillows are fun and functional and they are super simple to make! Basically, you put right sides together and sew around. Be sure to leave an opening for turning and stuffing. Then, close up the hole after you fill it (with your fabric scraps of course; no sense in spending money on stuffing when you have perfectly good scraps around)! :) Pillows are also great because you can make them more elaborate if you wish and you can change your room aesthetic in a snap just by adding a new throw! The orange floral just so happens to be our first pillow collaboration!!! The very talented Johnny Ramos painted the floral motif and let us transform it into a pillow! It is not quite finished yet because I want to get him to sign it but, I just love it! He paints the most beautiful and graphic pieces and I would love to make more pillows from his paintings in the future. I can just imagine seeing a room with his paintings hanging and the pillows accenting the furniture! Interior decorating photos soon to come?!? :) The other orange pillow is made from a scrap piece of embroidered fabric. We found this find at a quilt show and I think it was only a quarter! What a gem! I didn’t know what to make with it for the longest time, but I think a pillow is a perfect fit. The green pillow is the smallest of the bunch, but it took the longest to make. The technique used is called needle punching. It’s simple really: you take a needle thread poke over and over and over! If you’re stressed then this is a must have! I have created many needle punch projects in my times of distress! With that said, ”Keep calm and”...make a pillow!

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