Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 Donate Life Rose Parade Float!

This was our second year of helping with the Donate Life Rose Parade Float and every year it gets better and more meaningful! I love the people and the message; and it’s such a honor to be a part of something so amazing. Decorating the float is one of the biggest collaborative art projects I’ve ever worked on and next year I want to experience it all. I’m going to clear my schedule and go spend more than just one day decorating. My birthday is on New Year’s Eve and it would be so special to see the Parade and experience the day with some wonderful people. This year was no exception... we met so many great people. We got to meet one of the float riders who was only sixteen when he gave his kidney to his twin brother. And... we got to meet an ULTRA runner who came out last minute to help our team decorate. We had never met prior to this, so it was very cool that he came out to support this great cause. He was also pretty amazing at carnation placement. :) THANK YOU, THOMAS!!! Also, got to spend the day with my mom (who has worked on the Rose Parade when she was my age) and Kathy (a mother who gave her kidney to her son). So many inspirational stories. We love Donate Life!!!

We have a Donate Life Kern County facebook page now!!! It's new! Go find us and come to our Blood Drive! It’s tonight!!! Be there!

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