Thursday, January 5, 2012

School Craft: Christmas

Okay, here’s what my class made for Christmas. Wreath... easy, scarves... super easy, snow globes... not so easy.

Wreath: form a wire hanger into a circle, tie a million sandwich baggies around it, add a bow

Scarves: cut a rectangle, fringe the sides, tie knots

* For about a week, my “teacher’s desk” was covered with fleece!!! I loved it!!!

Snow Globes: glue a figurine to the lid of a jar (which will pop off), add distilled water (which will spill everywhere), add a little Karo Syrup (which will make everything sticky... for the rest of the school year), add glitter (which will get into the carpet and never come out), put the lid back on (which will leak), go back and take off the lid to add teflon tape (the jar will still leak), add hot glue around the seam of the lid and the jar (the jar will still leak), add more teflon tape (pray the jar does not leak)

* You can’t really see the full effect of the glitter in the snow globe, but trust me... it’s in there and it’s pretty magical!
* I also added a picture of our class Christmas tree, complete with fire extinguisher present.

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