Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bizarre Bazaar

I love bazaars!!! Ever since I can remember, my mom always made handmade crafts and baked goods for craft bazaars. We used to participate in one in particular all the time and it always got me in the holiday spirit because it was always right before the holidays...perfect timing! This open house has since stopped because it was a ton of work, but we are so lucky to be involved with another type of bazaar. It is more of an artisan open house and Saint Olive’s pieces are probably the craftiest pieces that will be for sale. This is a change from the past because the other participants are talented “artists” versus other “crafters.” My mother and I first started out as L&L Collection and we were pretty crafty then, but I think we have begun to grow into artists. We changed our name, offer more sophisticated pieces, and we even have a blog!!! I can’t say that we have abandoned our crafty ways completely, but I think our pieces have become more sophisticated rather than cute if you will. We will always be crafty at heart though! Please come out and support our endeavors and those of the other artists November 27th and 28th. This show is sponsored by Hannah Rose Heart & Co. There will be soft-sculpture dolls, children’s books, a silversmith, stoneware, pottery, weavings, wall decor, wreaths, cookbooks, soups, notecards, blown-glass, homemade candy, jams, jellies, bread, handmade fabric creations, jewelry, and much more! Prices start at $ can’t beat that! Email for details and directions. We appreciate all the support!!!

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