Sunday, November 22, 2009

Crunch Time!

So, my mom and I are pretty frantic right about now as we prepare for The Finding House! Things are coming together though. I have been driving her crazy with starting new projects when we really should focus on packaging and pricing, but my excuse is that I’m not really good at sales. In the midst of this total craft chaos, we are also beginning to prep and cook things for Thanksgiving! I can’t wait for family to arrive!!! Aside from all of that, I wanted to share some more art (of course). Two years ago I decided to go back to college to get an advanced degree and I was bound and determined to take some art classes as well. Hopefully, one day, I will be able to get a degree in art. I do have a stole from the art department, but no degree yet. Anyway, here are some things I made in my Ceramics and Native American art classes. At first I thought I would stick with the low fire, however, I found the high fire and raku to work better for me. I have tons more ceramic pieces, but I just have to find some time to take the pictures. I had the best time in these classes! I met so many great people and had the best Art History study nights. One friend has gone on to Graduate School in Chicago (he will be famous soon) and the other I know is going to be a famous cake designer!!!

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