Saturday, November 21, 2009

Beautiful Blogs!

Since I posted about Etsy last time, it’s only fair that I post my favorite artsy blogs.

I can’t get enough of this blog! It’s from my dearest friend, Linna, who is a graphic designer!!! She designed my classroom shirts this year and I can’t wait until I can post the outcome. It is the coolest design if I may say. Aside from being a fabulous designer, she is also a very entertaining writer. I love reading about how and where she gets her inspiration. She is “going places” as the saying “goes!”

So, I have yet to tell how I got to know this artist, but I will explain shortly. It is an awesome story! She is actually my blogging inspiration and I LOVE her art. It is so my style. It’s inspirational, original, colorful, and unique. There is nothing that I don’t love about her work. She is going to be either famous for her art or she going to be a tennis star. Actually, she will more than likely do both! Kayla, say "hi" to RAFA for me please!!!

Spreading The Word, while sharing a meal! These guys are doing wonderful things for the community! I love reading about their experiences with feeding the homeless. Such a selfless thing to do.

Okay, this one is a package deal! These artists are so creative, so unique, and so talented! Beautiful, contemporary art fills the space of the Surface Gallery on a daily basis. If you haven’t been downtown yet, please GO! Surface Gallery offers classes and rents out their space for special occasions. It is such a soothing and relaxing environment.

I know I am missing some other wonderful blogs, but as I catch them I’ll post them. I love spreading the word about other people’s endeavors.

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