Saturday, November 7, 2009

What’s the Beach Without a Little Water...COLOR?

A few months ago I went to the beach with my Aunt and Uncle just to get away, but instead of going to the beach we watercolored our little hearts out. Last time my Aunt and I were completely consumed by Needle Punching and before that it was beading. When we get hooked on something, we are hooked...hours turn into days with little sleep. I remember when we were really into beading we took a class and then went home to continue the “race” to see who finished first. I can’t remember who won (it was me), but it was sometime around 2 am when I called her and she was still working away. I guess it’s a good addiction to have though! I will post some pictures of the Needling Punch Art and the beading projects soon, but in the meantime here are some photos of my Aunt’s finished watercolors. My Uncle actually got involved and painted the fly. I so wanted to have a "fly on the wall" and he painted it for me! I LOVE it so much!!!

FYI there is actually watercolor that contains glitter!!! I was so excited about this and if you feel the same way I do about glittery watercolor you can pick some up at Beverly’s. Happy painting!!!

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