Thursday, December 23, 2010

Catch Up!

Sorry for the delay, but I have been away...dipping bottles of wine in chocolate! Don’t worry...I’ll get all caught up by Christmas. We have something fun planned for Christmas and we are actually right on track with the countdown. I just haven’t had time to get the pictures posted on here. But today’s feature is the most amazing thing...Chocolate Dipped Wine Bottles from Cafe Med! I helped make a few of these last year and they were pretty popular then, but they are going super fast this year! These were my go-to gifts last year and this year I’m actually going to ship a couple out to a friend. Basically, these cello covered wine bottles (red and white) are dipped in the most delicious chocolate multiple times to create a rich coating. Then, they are decorated with various editable embellishments (nuts, sprinkles, coconut, peppermint, etc.). They are gorgeously packaged and tagged with directions. It’s simple...just pull the ribbon tab at the neck of the bottle and some chocolate will break off. It doesn’t get any better than chocolate and wine. They are also dipping Champaign for New Years, so make sure your get in your order!

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