Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Second Annual Twelve Days of Christmas!

Last year we had to do the Twelve Days of Craftsmas after Christmas because I was late in thinking of the idea. When we decided to go for it, we did twelve awesome craft projects. This year we are going with the theme, Twelve Days of Confectionsmas or Sweetsmas! I love baking and making sweet treats, so why not do it for twelve days in a row!?! On the 12th day...Pumpkin Rolls! Making these guys always get me into the holiday spirit! We usually make some in November, but they are always fun during the Christmas season when you can share them with others. There are tons of great recipes online. My tip is to make sure you roll up the bread in a towel when it comes out of the oven. You have to do this first because it will make rolling it with the cream cheese filling way easier. Let some of the steam leave the bread and then roll it up. Leave it to cool, unroll it and spread out the filling, and the roll it up and wrap it up. These things are perfect for making ahead and freezing!

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