Sunday, February 10, 2013

This Moose Belongs to...

Oliver Jeffers, but he shares it with everyone in this tutorial"This Moose Belongs to Me" was one of our Christmas presents this year and if you know us, you know we love all of Oliver's books.  They are beautifully illustrated and tell charming stories.  Our first ever iPad book app was "Heart and the Bottle," which is brilliant and touching.  He has a handful of wonderful YouTube videos and we just so happened to stumble upon his "How to Draw a Moose" video and I knew I had to try to create this Moose.  I went to three different thrift stores over a period of two weeks in search of the perfect frame and landscape.  It took a ton of patience, but here is the final result.  Thanks to Oliver, we love Moose, Miece, Mice, Mooses.

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