Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sweet Treats for Your Sweet

Candy Lip and Mustache Jars

When I walked into our craft room the other day I discovered that my mom had made all these super cute lip and mustache themed goodies.  I just feel in love with their cuteness and think you might as well.  She's sharing all her secrets, so you can create these fun gifts to give to others.  Here is the first of three projects.  Hope you enjoy this one and the others.  We are also going to try to upload a template with all the patterns.  


scissors, wrapped candy, mason jar with lid and band, marking pen, Pellon (wonder-under), felt (black, read, natural), card stock, iron, and sewing machine


1. Draw a lip and mustache shape on the card stock and cut them out to create a pattern of each.  

2. Iron Pellon to the black and red felt.  

3. Trace the lip and mustache patterns on the red and black felt respectively.

4. Cut the shapes out and iron them onto the natural felt.


5. Place the mason jar lid on the natural felt that has been backed with card stock for extra support and trace around the lid to frame the shapes.

6. Machine stitch around the circle and trim the excess.

 7. Glue the card stock to the mason jar lid to secure.

8. Add candy to the jar, seal the lid, and give these sweet treats to your sweet.

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