Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It's in the Bag

Lip and Mustache Bags
V-Day 2013 is almost "in the bag," but if you're in need of a last minute gift make these bags!  They're so simple and once you've gathered the material, they really only take about a minute to make.

scissors, canvas bags, Pellon (wonder-under), marking pen, card stock, felt (black and red), pearl beads, iron, needle and thread or glue of your choice.


1. Draw a lip, mustache, and tie shape on the card stock and cut them out to create a pattern of each.

2. Iron Pellon to the black and red felt.  Trace and cut out the lips, mustache, and tie.

3.  Arrange the felt on your canvas bags accordingly and iron in place.  Hand sew or glue the pearl beads in place.  Use these reusable bags to shop for a V-Day treat to give to your loved one. 


*Make your own canvas bags (we did and so can you!) by simply taking canvas fabric in the shape of a rectangle and folding it.  Sew up the side and down the bottom, square off the corners, fold over an inch at the top, and sew a clean line.  Add strap and you’re done!  

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