Monday, February 11, 2013

So Dreamy

Lip and Mustache Puff Pillows

How can you not have sweet dreams with these cute little pillows?

scissors, pinking shears, Pellon (wonder-under), Poly stuffing, marking pen, card stock, felt (black, red, and natural), ribbon, cording (to hang the hearts), iron, and sewing machine 


1. Draw a lip and mustache shape on the card stock and cut them out to create a pattern of each. 

2. Iron Pellon to the black and red felt.  

3. Trace the lip and mustache patterns on the red and black felt respectively.

4. Create a heart pattern by using the same method as step 1 and cut out two heart shapes from the natural felt.
* We ran out of natural felt, so we had to use some scraps and put them together for this example.

5. Cut out the hearts with pinking shears

6. Sew around the heart a bit in from the edge and leave a small opening to allow for the stuffing.
*Add the cording to the top of the heart before sewing, so it will become inclosed in the heart (we forgot to show this step... sorry!).

7. Iron on the lips and the mustache to one of the hearts.
 *We ran out of natural felt, so we just made a tiny version of this step. 

8.Stuff the hearts with Poly fill and sew up the hole that was just used to stuff the hearts.  Add ribbon and hang on someone you love's door.  
*Add some lavender for a soothing scent.  Happy Dreaming!

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