Saturday, December 24, 2011


It is my goal to one day beat Oprah's marathon time. That is a long ways away, but it will happen. In the meantime I'm doing some research on running to try and improve my times. One suggestion I've come across a few times is journaling. We think this is a great idea!!! However, as you can tell, we are inconsistent when it comes to doing something consistently. :) Also, when I was in the credential program in college I had to journal about everything, so this blog is pretty much the most journaling I can handle. Anyway, I took a class about bookmaking and binding at Surface Gallery that was taught by the amazing, Michelle Moode. I learned so many great techniques and binding patterns and created these cute little journals. They are going to be mailed out to my dear crafting friend, Kayla. As hard as it will be to part from these, I wouldn't want anyone else to fill their pages. So runners, do as say and not as I do by journaling your progress. I do write all my times on the back of my bibs, so that should count for something.

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