Sunday, December 25, 2011


Okay, this is the best story. I did my first PCTR (Pacific Coast Trail Run) about a month ago and it rained pretty much the whole time. I was freaking out because the trail was so slippery and muddy, but I was also impressed at all these ULTRA runners who were gracefully running the course, while I was trying to untangle my poncho. Why I decided to get out my poncho is beyond me because I was already soaked at the time. Anyway, I didn't bring a change of clothes.... mistake number one. Thankfully, every ULTRA runner I have met is awesome and one of the girls I ran with said her boyfriend had clothes in the car that he was going to donate to Goodwill. He was running the longer distance, but she took me to the car when we finished and gave me some of his clothes!

The running connection comes into play when you take an old shirt and make a scarf out of it. The is the loop scarf featured in the amazing Mr. Kate videos. You can cut up your old race shirts. The goal is to make my PCTR friends who gave me the clothes a scarf from what they made me. They really did save me that day!

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