Tuesday, December 13, 2011


It seems like everyone started their “12 days until Christmas” countdown yesterday. I don’t know what happened to us, but it’s not unusual for us to get important dates wrong even when we write them down in a planner. :) Anyway, we’re starting it today because we didn’t yesterday and because it’s... SAINT LUCIA day!!!

This year our countdown will be all running related DIYs! I have my first ever Daily Mile (find me!) Secret Santa and some of these items will be used to fill her swag bag (aka present) along with other awesome running gear!

So, here is our first running related project... arm warmers!!!

They are made from SOCKS! So easy and waaaaaaayyyyyy cheaper than real arm warmers. You can chuck these during a race and not feel guilty at all. Just cut the toe area off, poke some thumb holes, and surge away (or turn and hem). It’s as easy as that. THEN... make some yo-yos with the pieces you cut away. Waste not, want not! Enjoy and stay warm...

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